Accompanying Staff
  • Ms. Samrudhhi Patil
  • Mrs. Snehal Kulkarni
Principal Dr. C. M. Jangme
Chief Guest  Mrs. Shrilekha Satam Madam (CHRO, D. Y. Patil Group, Kolhapur)
Participants  First year B Pharm & D. Pharm students
Time and Venue 10.00 am – 01.15 pm, D. Y. Patil college of Pharmacy, Kolhapur.
Day & Date Wednesday, 8th March, 2023.

D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Kadamwadi, Kolhapur has organized Elocution Competition & Guest lecture on the occasion of “International Women’s Day” on 8th March, 2023.

The program has hosted by the Mrs. Snehal Kulkarni madam. Program started with the introductory speech by Kulkarni ma’am. Then the nine students have participated into the speech competition on women’s day.

Then, watering of plant done by the Chief Guest & the Principal Sir. Principal sir Dr. C. M. Jangme sir felicitated chief guest with the flowers, Shaal & Sreefal & a small gift as a token of lov on the behalf of institute. The introduction of chief guest done by Mrs. Snehal Kulkarni ma’am.

Further, Dr. C. M. Jangme sir, addressed the students about the importance of women and guided the students with his pertinent speech. The Principal Sir has motivated the students.

Then the mike was handed over to Chief Guest Mrs. Shrilekha Satam ma’am. In her speech she guided students with her expertise of time management, discipline. She talked about the importance of hard work & consistency in the work. She also focused on the misuse of the internet and social media. She motivated students with her talk. She suggested students to complete the extracurricular courses which will be beneficial for the personality development. She told that doing extra activities and courses will improve personality as well as it’s beneficial for their career.

The result declaration of the speech competition and prize distribution done by the Chief Guest and Principal Sir. The first winner of the today’s competition was Ms. Apurva Sanjay Kambale (B. Pharm. 1st year), followed by second winner was Ms. Vaishnavi Chavan (B. Pharm. 1st year) and the 3rd winner Ms. Nandini Shinde (D. Pharm. 1st year).

And then, cake cutting done by the chief guest, ladies staff and the winners of the competition to celebrate the International Women’s Day.

At last, the program ended by the vote of thanks which was given by Ms. Samruddhi Patil ma’am. And lastly, the refreshment for the guest, students, and faculty was arranged.

Accompanying Staff
  • Dr. A. R. Patil,
  • Dr. K. S. Dhane,
  • Mr. A. P. Patil,
  • Ms. S. S. Kulkarni,
  • Ms. S. S. Patil,
  • Mr. J. J. Porlekar
Principal Dr. C. M. Jangme
Participants D. Pharm. First Year
Time and Venue 3.00 pm to 3.30 pm at F. Y. D. Pharm. Classroom, D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur.
Day & Date Tuesday, 23rd May 2023

Anti-Terrorism Day is observed on 21st May every year throughout the country. The day is marked by a pledge taking ceremony among other activities. D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur has organised the pledge taking ceremony under the NSS activity to promote awareness among all sections of people about danger of terrorism and its effects on people, society and the country as a whole. It was on this day in 1991 that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi fell to the designs of terrorists. The objective behind the observance of Anti-Terrorism Day is to wean away the people from terrorism and violence.

The activity was started with introduction and significance to Anti-Terrorism Day by Mr. J. J. Porlekar, D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur. The pledge taking ceremony was done in presence of all the students of F. Y. D. Pharm. All the teaching staff & non-teaching staff was present at the pledge taking ceremony. Principal Dr. C. M. Jangme, has given significant information in his speech in terms of awareness. Dr. K. S. Dhane, associate professor, has also delivered the informative speech to create awareness in the students.

Vote of thanks was given by Ms. S. S. Patil, Assistant Professor, D. Y. Patil College of Pharmacy, Kolhapur