From HOD’s Desk

  • Mr. S. Y. Koli
  • F.Y. Coordinator

Welcome to the department of Basic Science & Humanities at D. Y. Patil College of Engineering & Polytechnic, Talsande, Kolhapur. Department aims to build strong foundation for engineering subjects by transferring knowledge for subjects like Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Professional Communications.

The department has well-equipped Laboratories for subjects like Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Professional Communications which provides opportunity to students to gain practical knowledge of the subjects. The software available in the Language laboratory facilitates students to enhance their soft skill. Department has well-furnished Classroom. The department has qualified and experienced faculty which constantly strive to give the best of their knowledge to the students and keep them up-to-date in this competitive era.

The department also has a Teacher Guardian scheme, a step through which the department takes care of first year students to be comfortable in the new atmosphere and to be an integral part of this institute. The department organizes expert lectures, seminars of eminent personalities and educational visit for First year diploma students.

The first year diploma students are motivated to take social and environmental initiatives and also participate in co-curricular & extra-curricular activities on a large scale. The department has always been inspirational in motivating the first year diploma students to participate in national events and activities which gives them not only technical and social perspective but also teaches them team spirit.